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Citrus Fruits: A Journey Through History, Culture, Flavors, and Biodiversity

From the East to Our Tables: A Millennial Legacy

The citrus fruits we know and love are the result of a fascinating history of hybridization and cultural exchange. Their origins lie in the East and the Far East, with three main ancestors: the citron, the mandarin, and the pomelo. From these ancestral species, countless varieties of citrus fruits have developed through natural and artificial crosses, enriching our tables.

Citrus Fruit Crosses: Cartasio, Burtuqa, and Zagara

  • Bitter Orange: The result of a cross between mandarin and pomelo, it offers a versatility of use that varies from sweet to bitter.
  • Sweet Orange: Obtained from the mandarin and pomelo, it offers a range of varieties suitable for multiple uses.
  • Lemon: Derived from the cross between citron and bitter orange, it offers a wide range of aromas and flavors.

These crosses are the basis for the variety and versatility of citrus fruits, used today in cooking, cosmetics, and aromatherapy.

Preserving the Citrus Heritage

Preserving the biodiversity of citrus fruits is essential for the environment and human health. Promoting native varieties and supporting artisanal production are crucial actions to keep this legacy alive. Jacli, a Sicilian artisanal distillery, as a direct farming company, represents an artisanal excellence in the sector.


Historical Roots and Agricultural Traditions