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Zagara Spritz: a combination of authenticity and refinement

The Limoncello Spritz is the creation that combines our “Zagara” with the elegance of prosecco, giving life to a fresh and modern cocktail. Behind every sip lies the authenticity of the prized untreated lemon peels, expertly processed to preserve their purest essence.

This cocktail, with its golden tones and unmistakable aroma, is the ideal cocktail for celebration and conviviality.

Starting from a classic Italian cocktail, it is reinterpreted with the centuries-old Sicilian tradition of limoncello.
It combines the desire to drink a fresh lemonade on an August day with the desire to have fun and party typical of summer.

To prepare it:

● pour 60 ml of Zagara into a glass full of ice;

● add 90 ml of prosecco;

● add 30 ml of sparkling water or soda;

● a touch of fresh lemon peel will further enhance the bouquet of perfumes,
completing this harmonious symphony of flavours.

The Limoncello Spritz made with our Zagara liqueur is the essence of a profound bond between man and the earth, between conviviality and carefreeness, a cocktail that represents our most sincere hope for a summer full of happy and carefree moments.


Historical Roots and Agricultural Traditions